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Are you planning to appear for the IAS Exam? Though the decision to write the Civil Services exam is easy, what follows is a humbling and overwhelming experience. For a beginner, the initial phase is just spent in understanding what the exam is all about.

Hence, it is important to figure out and follow the right path towards their goal.Through this article we have come up with a few tips to help beginners lead their UPSC Exam preparation in the right direction.

IAS Exam Preparation Tips for Beginners

1. Work hard and smart – most important for diligent preparation is work smartly along with full efforts. It is no secret that a lot of hard work is involved if you wish to clear the IAS exam. It is practically impossible to start working a few weeks before the exam and clear Civil services like you might have done in school or college days. UPSC is a bit different and takes way more than just mugging up to clear this exam. To lead the preparation strategically, you must arrange the following beforehand-

a. Go through the syllabus and get acquainted with the examination pattern. b. Plan a Study Schedule c. Follow a strategy d. Give Tests regularly e. Keep abreast with Current affairs f. Make notes

2. Refer to Previous Year Papers- One of the most important tricks which can help a candidate in analysing and apprehending the level of examination is by referring to the previous year papers. This will help the aspirant understand the fields of focus and strategies for a study plan which can help them succeed in the examination.

3. Make revision a habit – While you lead with exam preparation for UPSC you will notice that even the simplest of the topic has the widest information available. As you will read more and move further, you will realize that you are forgetting the old things you studied. Hence, it is important that you revise what is read the last day before gathering new information on any topic. Daily revision is easier than completing the whole topic and revising at the last.

4. Being optimistic – Always think positive to happen before and while preparing for the UPSC exam. It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the scale of things to do and the stakes involved, but do not get disheartened. If you sense an envelope of negativity encapsulating you, stop right there. Being positive is important and you can’t go further with backward feet. If you believe you can, only then you can achieve success.

5. Developing good habits – it is imperative to develop certain habits in order to clear the civil services exam. Discipline is key when it comes to tasting success in any field. Have a routine to go about your daily activities, spend a good number of hours studying, rise up early, get a bit of fresh air and physical exercise before you hit your books, avoid junk food and late night TV. Discipline would improve your efficiency and help you in acing the IAS exam.

6. Don’t shy away from getting help -If you are unsure how to prepare, take help from experts as and when you need. Experts guidance is always good to lead further. Clear out your doubts and queries. You can also join online lectures and communities to understand topics or subjects better, discussing topics with peers will also help clarify weak topics.

Follow the above tips and outshine the competition of Civil Services Examination. Candidates preparing for the upcoming exam can go through the list of UPSC Books that are important to refer to

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