Top Artificial Intelligence Online courses That You Can Opt For in 2021

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Artificial intelligence is a computer science branch or subdivision that deals with developing smart machines and performing tasks that need human intelligence.Here are some options for online AI courses to help you make the right choice.

Machine learning by Stanford University

Andrew Ng creates the Stanford machine learning course. He is a renowned expert in artificial intelligence and Machine learning. He is co-founder of Coursera and now CEO at landing AI. Nearly 3.5 million students and professionals have already taken this course, and 95 per cent have given it a 5-star rating.

This course introduces the idea of machine learning and statistical pattern recognition. The course takes 55 hours in 11 weeks for completing the course. It covers topics like the review of linear algebra, linear regression with one and multiple variables, neural networks, dimensionality reduction, support vector machines, etc.

Deep learning specialization by Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng develops this course. It is an advanced course series for those who want to learn AI. Learners are expected to have python programming and mathematical skill learning. The course covers topics like the foundation of neural networks, structure machine learning programs, setting up the train, practical aspects of deep learning like hyperparameter tuning, end-to-end deep learning and when you should use it, etc. This course covers many case studies from different sectors like music generation, autonomous driving, natural language processing, etc. The course lasts for 4 months, and classes take place for five hours each day. 

IBM Applied AI professional certificate

This program aims to develop the skills needed to work like AI developers. It introduces the learner to create concepts like machine learning, natural language, data science, image classification, IBM Watson AI services, open Cv, etc. It includes courses like introduction to artificial intelligence, getting started with AI using IBM Watson, Building AI-powered chatbots without programming, Python for data science and AI, and many more. The duration of the course is around 3-6 months and 2-4 hours per week. It gets a 4.6 rating.

IBM AI engineering professional certificate

This is one of the best AI courses online that is designed to grow the skills necessary for starting a career in AI. It is suitable for professionals like AI developers and data science. It includes six self-paced courses which provide learners with a whole understanding of the machine learning concept and how to apply it in the real world. It covers topics like developing foundational skills in machine learning, scale machine learning on big data, capstone project, using PyTorch library for learning and building a deep network. The duration of the course is 3-4 months and 12 hours per week. It gets a 4.4 rating from its users. 

Artificial intelligence Nanodegree program ( Udacity)

Udacity offers many Nanodegree programs in the school of Artificial intelligence. There are many scopes on this course. There are some training programs like AI product Manager, Intro to machine learning with TensorFlow, AI programming with python, Artificial intelligence for trading, computer vision, natural language processing, Artificial intelligence, machine learning engineer, deep reinforcement learning, AI for a business leader, deep learning, etc. The program follows the main role of Machine learning engineer, deep learning engineer, artificial intelligence specialist, Quantitative analyst. It is self-placed and gets a 4.6 rating. 

Artificial intelligence certification

Some of the other artificial intelligence certification courses are:-

1.Intelligent Attribution Modeling for Marketers.

2.Artificial intelligence and data for beginners

3.Machine learning 101 for Marketers

4.AI for content Marketing 101

5.The Intelligently Automated Agency

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