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It might perhaps get a little tricky for a scholar to determine and conclude the best university before opting for a Masters’s course. The huge range and tally of universities in Ireland for Masters offer boundless opportunities to International as well as local students. However, certain crucial aspects such as course availability; university ranking, and location are to be considered before plumping for studying at a university abroad. The extensive options and courses offered by the Universities put together an unchallenging and affordable Masters’s study in Ireland for Indian students.

Over a decade, Ireland has surfaced as the most favored destination for pursuing higher education for Indian students due to vast programs and post-graduation placement opportunities for students. Apart from Ireland being the nucleus of top companies in the world, the universities also work on practical skill-set-building approaches and are low-end and student-friendly.

This article broaches all the perks that would help in opting out of Ireland as the best destination to pursue higher education overseas.

1. Ireland Education System

Ireland has been archived as one of the eminent locations in the past due to its high-quality education and the amenities for International scholars. The system of education ranks among the top 20 in the worldwide rankings purveying students with exceptional universities while the quality of education is ranked among the top 5 percent with globally high-ranked schools. Due to high investments in the quality of education, Ireland presently has hundreds of universities offering internationally accepted qualifications to opt from.  Ireland stands out to be the hub of various MNCs with great full-time as well as part-time job opportunities for students providing graduates from Irish Universities with the best career opportunities. Choosing a subject affiliated with a solid industry can be helpful in the long run in terms of work opportunities and internships. 

2. Qualifications and Courses Offered

The universities in Ireland offer key specializations in multiple fields including Science, Technology, Arts and Humanities, Finance, Economics, Natural sciences, and many more. The preferable qualifications and courses are the fundamentals before electing for the university. Post selection, students can filter the universities on other facets such as the Teaching staff, student-faculty quotient, and post-graduation career opportunities. Subject ranking and a little research on the overall performance of a particular university can also be considered while fixing a course. There are Institutes of Technology (IT), National Institutes of Higher Education, and Irish Universities along with independent institutions. These independent universities are usually preferred by International students as they intake admissions in two facets. The form deadlines must be cautiously considered for planning to study in Ireland. 

3. Location and Ranking of University

The universities in Ireland are ranked globally post considering various facets of quality of research, teaching staff, opportunities, and the subject ranking. Checking out the location and position of the university can likely increase the odds of finding a preferable institution. University League tables and other ranking parameters can be referred to find the footing and reputation of a certain university. Location of the university, weather, accommodation, and expenditure are some crucial aspects to consider in improving the overall experience of the student studying abroad. Some Irish universities also provide means to check the specializations and credits of a particular subject, thesis, and academic records with laboratory amenities to let students align their master’s program with a Bachelor’s degree. 

4. Academy Amenities and Facilities

Ireland offers one of the best quality educational organizations worldwide with the aid of excellent teaching amenities, new methods of ingenious research and planning, extensive campus facilities, and world-class infrastructure. However, since there are different amenities opted by different universities, the students must choose from their preference to stay intact and involved. Looking through the different clubs and sports activities, and other amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, golf course, etc. as per your bias can help in choosing the finest. The extra-curricular activities and societies along with the International student support center are some important points to consider. Other determining and guiding factors such as the local environment, student culture, and food preferences can be tallied with other students already studying abroad. 

5. Admission and Short-listing

Universities in Ireland open for admissions and intakes twice in one year. The students can opt for the course preferred after checking the availability and requirements of the applications. The applications must be in check with the deadlines of the Institution. The admission process is split up into two seasons, the autumn also known as ‘Semester one’ begins the short-listing around September. The second semester in the spring season kick starts at the end of January. There are different deadlines and procedures for different universities, which should be carefully looked upon depending on the opted course respectively. Nonetheless, it is the University with the discretion of admission intakes. Therefore, a student must choose up to 4-5 Universities that are a prime match to their profile and then go ahead with the admission process!

With world-class faculty and teaching methods, many Irish Universities are making it to the globally top-most ranked Institutions. The course content may vary from one university to another, but the modus operandi almost remains the same. The Republic of Ireland fascinates students to travel from all around the world each year for its MS course, a master’s program handpicked by students in bulk. There are a total of 8 universities and all of them are funded by the state. This makes studying in Ireland far more reasonable and affordable than in other countries. Along with being a student-friendly country, Ireland offers a simple and easy transition to life and studies for students well-versed in the English language. Eventually, selecting a University primarily depends on the choices and preferences of the student. However, the Republic of Ireland can be the best highlight to refresh you with its worldly ambiance, spunky traditions, and of course, undefeated records in academic history.

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