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Malaysia is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s a package with all the attractions in it, that could drag any travel towards this place. From beaches and highlands to architectural wonder and what not! Visitors around the globe choose Malaysia to be their ultimate travel destination. Malaysia not only get visitors for tourism, but visitors with the purpose of business, work, and other requirements also pay a visit to this exotic place. If you are visiting for the first time in Malaysia, you should know about the details of the visa. It is essential to know Malaysia tourist visa cost, enter scheme and other things just be sure that you have a relaxed stay in Malaysia. Whether it is a short stay or a long-stay, all visas provided under a single and multiple-entry scheme based on the applicant’s requirements and qualifying factors.

Indians, as well as other countries passport holders, are allowed to carry out the Malaysia Visa Application. Below are the categories, under which Malaysia Visas are issued:

  • Tourist Visa: there are three options to avail for the applicants
  • 30 days eVisa;
  • 15 days eVisa or;
  • Visa On Arrival (VOA)

They can choose whichever they want in accordance with their requirements and convenience.

  • Business Visa: This is basically for investors and commercial establishments. You can get a business Visa according to the regulations and guidelines specified by the immigration department of Malaysia.
  • Family/ Friend visit Visa: Any Indian Passport holder can apply for a short-stay or Long-stay visa to visit their family or friend in Malaysia.
  • Employment Visa: Every Malaysian employer is eligible to apply for an employment visa for foreign employees who are categorized as high-skilled workers.
  • Dependent Visa: Spouse and children of any business or employment visa holders are entitled to apply for the dependent visa. They can accompany the latter to Malaysia and also stay during the specified period.

Types of Malaysia Visa:

Single Entry Visa:

Applicants who are in Malaysia for a short-stay visa for a social visit, probably, can consider applying for this type of Visa. This type of visa is suitable for those who are not planning to stay in Malaysia and going to exit more than once. This visa will be effective for three months from the date of issue. For those visitors who hold Indian Passports can take advantage of ENTRI for Malaysia tourist visa cost of INR 2400.  You can get this visa with 1-DAY DELIVERY (MAX) if you apply with this company. This would allow you 15 days of stay.

Multiple Entry Visa:

If your plans involve to exit and re-enter the country multiple times, this visa should be your suitable choice.  This visa holds a validity of three to 12 months, from which you can easily enjoy your time in nearby places and come back. But keep in mind that this visa cannot extend beyond 12 months. Before the validity period, visitors are allowed to stay up to 30 days on each entry. For those who hold Indian Passport are required to pay the visa fee of RM.100 for visa applications under the multiple entry scheme. Indian can opt for E-Visa for Malaysia tourist visa cost of INR 3800. You can get this e-visa easily with this company, which would be delivered to you in 3 TO 4 days from registration.

Transit Visa:

Anyone who has to travel/ transit through Malaysia to reach another destination country, they may require a transit visa. Although, while you are traveling through the airline and doesn’t leave the airport during the layover, you may not need a transit Visa. However, when traveling through any other part of  Malaysia via  air or land, it is required that you are accommodated with a transit visa in hand.

We hope you have a pleasant and memorable stay in Malaysia and you enjoy the true essence of the beauty of this astonished country. Happy travels wonderers!

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