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Food delivery on trains can be very exciting. Every day we eat at a stationary place, either it is our homes, a restaurant, and café; at all of them we are seated with usual plates and spoons and forks and the so on! But imagine to eat while you are moving, that can be very exciting! The slight rolling motion of the trains can have a unique and fun experience while we travel. Even food on flights are a pain, but never on a train!

Many passengers complained of the unspeakable hygiene. Many pantry cars had cockroaches and molds growing around the food inventory. Non vegetarian meals often served rotten. Too much oil, too much spices caused vomiting and upset stomach. Not a pretty site and as we all know the facilities on an Indian train can be a bit challenging.

The Popularity of Train Food Delivery

Any type of online food ordering and delivery and been increasingly popular. We can sit on our desktops, laptops and even smartphone and order from any restaurant that we like. You may all have heard of Zomato and Swiggy and have taken their service; so we all know how they work. This concept of food delivery is taken to the next level by many such companies. These deliver food for your travel hassles. They are known for delivery of food in trains.

 Imagine you are catching a train after a long day’s work. You may not have any dinner with you. You reach the station, have a cup of tea. But other than this, there is the situation of bad station food which you can avoid. But in recent times, you can simply use your smartphone, login to those websites, select your choice of items and get them delivered at your train station. The websites also have a wide selection of restaurants that deliver food at train stations with a delivery fee. You will be spoilt for choices. All of the restaurants listed on the websites are situated close to the station and hence strictly time bound.

Advantages of Delivery of Food in Trains

Delivery models like this one offer various advantages as opposed to the traditional methods of food purchasing. These provide restaurants and customers a single platform where they can interact and give feedbacks, manage end-to-end logistics and various other facilities like speedy delivery, good packaging and more choice of food. The vendors can also have a wider audience for their restaurants and reach a number of customers that were previously not possible. Consequently delivery of food in trains helps in improving their brand visibility and promotion.

You can enjoy a rich cup of coffee from CCD, krushers from KFC and even choleparathe from other popular food outlets. Several mouthwatering mithais are bought to you; as per the Indian mentality, no meal is complete without a dessert! Soups, chicken dishes, biryani, polau, dosa, curd rice and many more is given to you.

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