How to make easy special Valentine’s Day desserts?

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Surprise that special person with a homemade sweet that they cannot resist.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and what better way to surprise your partner or propose to someone with a recipe they love? Cooking is one of the best ways to surprise on February 14, and desserts are the sure hit par excellence.

Red Velvet pancakes with strawberries

In this recipe, we create an original version of chocolate crepes using red tones that will combine in perfect harmony with this Day. Inspired by the famous Red Velvet cake, we fill the classic crepes with sweet cream cheese and strawberries, the fruit that never fails for Valentine’s Day. Do you dare to surprise your partner with an impressive breakfast for Valentine’s Day?

Filled chocolate chip cookies

For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate is always a very good option, and if it is presented in the form of heart cookies, with a filling of white chocolate and strawberry jam, surely they will not be able to resist this temptation. Instead, prove to be a true pastry chef and give away homemade chocolate cookies following this simple recipe.

Puff pastry apple roses

Apple roses are one of the most beautiful and romantic recipes for any occasion. We escape from the classic protagonist hearts of this date to create sweet roasted apple blossoms. It is very easy to make, and if you want to improve the recipe even more, we recommend you give it a touch of heat in the oven before eating them so that the apple skin is crispy. Easy and insurmountable!

This fluffy recipe is perfect for giving that special person a surprise full of love. On the outside, it is a normal cake, but inside, it keeps a tender secret of hearts that you will

surely love. It is much easier to do than it seems, and following this step, I am sure it will be perfect for you.

Heart cheesecake, one of the great essentials

No-bake cheesecake is one of our favourite desserts. It is the perfect dessert to end a lunch or dinner without being too sweet and with that fresh air. We adapted the recipe to present it in the shape of a heart to fit perfectly into any romantic evening for two. A recipe to fall in love with!

Moreover, you can use the moulds to make the heart dessert with other cold cake recipes. The chocolate ones never fail; the only thing you will have to consider is the resting time and that it is solid enough to keep its shape.

For our part, we recommend the chocolate cake with almond crocanti or the three-chocolate cake. Can you imagine them in the form of a sweetheart? 

Raspberry treats

How about some heart-shaped homemade treats if you are looking for something more informal but without losing that romantic air?

At Cocinatis, we have prepared some heart-shaped raspberry sweets to surprise with a recipe made by ourselves, but playing it safe with the classic sweets that never fail. In addition, you can play with the flavours to get jelly beans of different colours.

White chocolate and raspberry muffins

Do you want something more classic and escape from so much heart? We bring you the perfect sweet to surprise with a recipe as simple as it is irresistible. These muffins keep inside the intense flavour of red fruits and the sweet surprise of white chocolate chips. A combination that never fails and to which there will be no one to resist!

 Vegan chocolate flan

To conquer vegan hearts, we bring you a fresh and irresistibly sweet. We have adapted the traditional chocolate flan recipe by replacing some of the ingredients with other vegetables, and we bring you a very interesting option. Surprise with a chocolate dessert without products of animal origin! 

Chocolate waffles in 15 minutes!

We love waffles, and if they bring us freshly made in the morning, even more so!

This sweet is one of the great essentials that never fail, and, in addition, it has a trick! For people who are fewer cooks, we bring you the perfect sweet for you to make yourself. In just 15 minutes, these waffles are microwaved.

Quick and convenient for those who don’t like to cook and want to surprise someone with a homemade dessert or for those who have little time on the morning of February 14 before starting their routine and want to sweeten the morning.

Chocolate coolant, a volcano of pure temptation!

For the most daring: an irresistible volcano of hot chocolate. We collect in this dessert all the romanticism of the city of love, and we turn to French gastronomy to bring you the step-by-step of the popular coolant. This dessert will crown you as true confectionery masters and end the perfect menu for a romantic evening.

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