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Our office has been rather snippy lately. After ruling out the usual suspects (lack of caffeine or warring taste in the communal music) we realized that the spate of snappiness is because the recent weather has been driving our skin nuts. We’re simultaneously itchy, flaky, and dry (yet breaking out), and this does not make us happy campers. So, we called in the peace making troops—scrubs, lotions, and creams galore—to smooth things over.

Now, since our home base in Los Angeles, we are aware that what constitutes “winter skin issues” here is merely the tip of the epidermal problem iceberg for our readers in fare less temperate climes. However, thanks to our recent fussiness, we’ve rounded up a few fantastic products (recommended to us by beauty editors, dermatologists, and fellow product junkies) that have soothed our complexions and our tempers—hooray!

1. Facial moisturizer for combination/acne prone skin

Patricia Wexler M.D. Oil Free Hydrator SPF 30+, $39.50, Have you ever noticed that most oil free lotions don’t really seem to moisturize? This one actually does! Wexler’s New York practice has a cult-like following and her products live up to this hype.

2. Body moisturizer

I’m not here, I’m really at the SPA body soufflé, $20, This ultra-rich body lotion from Not Soap, Radio is scented with lavender, apricot, and eucalyptus. It’s the perfect thing to slather on your body the second you get out of the shower.

3. Body scrub

Davies Gate Lemon-Made Warming Sweet Cream Body Scrub $19, Davies Gate’s scrub is super—it actually warms up when you apply it to your body.

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Made with sugar, sea salt, and white clay, it has an ideal texture (not too rough, not too soft) and the lemon scent is luscious.

4. Facial wash

Prescribed Solutions Customized Skincare Starting Up/Face $35, This glycolic anti-oxidant cleanser contains 7% glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells. No need to hide behind your Ray Ban sunglasses anymore! Famed LA dermatologist Dr. Karyn Grossman dispenses these products to her celebrity patients, we like how smooth our skin feels after we use it—no rough patches, period.

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