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When you buy a gadget or a simple accessory; you know exactly what is it for right? But when you buy clothes, you simply stuff them in your wardrobe to wear them one or the other time.  But you know what, when you are purchasing a saree, make sure that you know what exactly you are buying it for. At least have an idea about what type of occasions would be where you wear them.  Certainly, since you can find silk sarees with price and all; you would be in a position to choose well.

It gets really critical that you consider the occasions for which you are going to shop for silk sarees and ensure you pick accordingly. Go for a bright-coloured type of silk sarees, or ones having elaborate patterns in case you really want to wear them for a wedding function or even a festive occasion. Printed silk sarees or even the colour-blocked ones are a wonderfully amazing option if you are purchasing them for regular wear. But if you are wanting to wear the silk saree for a wedding, event or party; then going for something like Kanchipuram silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees or similar ones would be apt. The point is it is again going to depend on your budget, taste and the occasion type.  There is no doubt that high quality and beautiful silk sarees are gorgeously charming. But you know what, these stunning garments do come with a couple of warnings.

Things you should consider

The point is when you are spending quite a lot on a silk saree, you should be aware of the things that make you better at purchasing one. What is the point if you end up buying a saree that makes a hole in your pocket but does not even impress you. So, dive in some things below to be informed about:

Learn to know the difference between real and the fake silk sarees

Is it real or simply fake? As a rule of thumb, you can simply trust the authenticity of the sarees in case you purchase it from a reputable type of designer who is somewhat selling their original design. This turns out to be a problem once you’re simply purchasing through an agent. An agent’s status as an authorised type of seller of a designer’s clothing is somewhat a good indicator of whether or not it is authentic. In the same manner , in case you are simply looking for an exact material for a specific type of saree, you are going to run into trouble. In terms of sarees material, pure silk is undoubtedly the most popular choice for brides.  Of course, you know what, if you know the purity of the silk saree, you are going to love the purchase you make.

Remember that if you are going to buy the saree for marriage then read this carefully. Kanjeevaram sarees as well as banarasi sarees are the two kinds of silk bridal sarees that are absolutely the most elaborately decorated. These sarees are the most common kinds of sarees that are worn by brides on their special wedding day, even though they simply represent two diverse regions of india. There are just twenty one silk societies and 10 weavers authorised to call their Kanchipuram sarees (or even Kanjivaram).  So, be thoughtful about this aspect and your saree would make you really happy and content.

Understand the seller well before making a purchase

Purchase your high quality silk sarees from an established or reputed designer house, platform or directly from the designer. Once you do that, you would know you’re getting a wonderful deal. As a result of such a thing , there is always the danger of purchasing high quality silk sarees from resellers or even online platforms. Both online and offline, there are a huge number of sellers offering fakes at inflated prices. You require to know the history  of the seller and authenticity.  Of course, once you know about these certain things, you can be confident that you are going towards something worthy.

Decide on an honest seller  or online platform that has excellent customer service and responds swiftly when you have a question or doubt about their website, preferably with live chat. In addition, it would also be important for you to walk through or read the reviews of the sellers.

Check the pricing of the saree

Just look at the costing of a silk sarees to determine its authenticity. Relying on the borders and even the number of golden threads (zari) and even other sorts of decorative elements that got used in the process, a real Kanchipuram or even Varanasi saree may cost you anywhere from sixty five hundred to even forty thousand rupees.  Of course, you need to dig into the price of the saree to know if it really is good. There are definitely cheaper versions of the sarees, but they will never be pure and will always include another textile such as cotton or even polyester.  So, even if you are doing silk sarees online shopping, make sure that you are considerate about this aspect.

Know about the saree maintenance in advance

Indeed, not everyone thinks about it but it is critical. Every type of designer saree should be cared for in a certain type of way to make sure its longevity. Everything from the material used to even the type of embroidery and other sort of work done on the saree has a particular way of being maintained. A pure silk saree is definitely one of the world’s finest, most gorgeous , and even most sensible types of products.

However, their overall upkeep is also time-consuming and even challenging. Everyone wants to save their precious high quality silk sarees for precious and special occasions, but how do you do that? Moreover, you should also have all the things that you should have to preserve your precious saree for long.


To sum up , whether you are specifically looking for a soft organza saree or any other type, having all these things on your mind can be helpful and advantageous.

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