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We know that each friendship is unique, but there is no doubt that we all need one or more people to share the best and worst moments of our lives. To celebrate your best friends, let’s talk about best movies about friendship.

It doesn’t matter if they have known each other since childhood or if their fellowship only lasted a summer, there are friends who never forget and are insurmountable. The cinema has been responsible for capturing many iconic relationships of this type and that’s why we leave you the best friendship movies

Count on me:

Based on Stephen King’s eponymous novel, ‘Count on me’ took us to the deep America of the fifties, where four children about to go to adolescence must face the whole series of misfortunes that will come their way of the adventure they have decided to take.

Starring Corey Feldman, River Phoenix, Will Wheaton and Jerry O’Connell, this coming-of-age with all of the law is based on a premise as interesting as the disappearance of another young man. The four friends will decide on their own to search for this without taking into account that they are not yet prepared for the threats that await them, making them soon understand that the value of friendship is vitally important in addressing the problems.

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Toy Story:

It was the year 1995 when a producer called Pixar broke into the film market with ‘Toy Story’, the title that came to revolutionize computer-generated animation and that was the starting point for a market that over the years became more and more competitive.

John Lasseter then became one of the indispensable names of animated cinema with a story that took us to the room of Andy, a six-year-old boy whose toys live in fear of being replaced, something that seems to materialize with the arrival of Buzz Lightyear, a new toy that has a whole series of gadgets and technological advances with which Woody, the old cowboy doll that will soon rival the newcomer, cannot compete. When the two toys get lost in the city, an unbreakable friendship will emerge between them.


In 2009 Pete Docter and  Bob Peterson got Pixar to win the fifth Oscar for Best Animated Film thanks to ‘Up’, a title that took as a starting point a trip that meant the fulfillment of a dream on the road between the hilarious and fantasy.

In it, we were introduced to Carl  Fredricksen, a widowed man near the age of eighty, who decides to make a trip being his own method of transport his own house, to which he hooks thousands of balloons and that will help him to go to South America. Once in the air, he will discover that he is accompanied by a stowaway that was not expected: Russell, an eight-year-old young explorer with an unbeatable spirit who will become his adventure companion.

The advantages of being an outcast:

Presented at the 2012 Toronto Festival,  Stephen Chbosky was in charge of bringing his own novel to the big screen, ‘The advantages of being an outcast’, whose adaptation of the script he carried out same.

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Starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller, the film focused on the life of a young man named Charlie, who writes in a series of epistles all his concerns about what it means to become an adult. Classified within the trend of what has come to be defined as Young Adult, this coming-of-age with all the characteristics of the cinema with Sundance label (that of indie spirit with a projection for the masses) becomes one of the most natural and realistic of what friendship means during adolescence.

Thelma & Louise:

You will apologize for the spoiler, but what greater sample of friendship must be thrown into the void to make clear your ideals and honor towards your best friend? At this point, talking about the end of ‘Thelma & Louise’ should not be any kind of sacrilege, but that is one of the main elements for which the film that Ridley Scott would present in 1991 became one of the highest standards of cinema defined under the “friendship” tag.

In it, we knew Thelma and Louise of the title, played by Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. The first, a housewife mired in monotony. The second, a waitress with a mind full of ideals. After meeting each other, they will embark on a weekend trip that will test their courage and end up becoming a song to feminism that would go down in the history of cinema.

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