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Skubai or catalytic converter, is a device fitted in vehicles to convert poisonous and toxic gases into harmless ones. Harmful gases released from the engine undergo a chemical process during which they are turned into harmless gases and then released in the air. These chemical reactions occur at high temperatures (426 degrees Celsius) and are facilitated by the presence of precious metals like platinum and palladium, which act as catalysts. Catalytic converters are placed in the vicinity of the engine so that the engine’s heat quickly heats them. The skubai price varies between 400$ to 3000$ in the market.

Woking of a Skubai

Emissions from exhaust contain hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide. Hydrocarbons are formed due to the improper burning of gasoline; their release in excessive amounts creates smog. Nitrogen oxides create smog and acid rain. These poisonous gases are made to pass through a honeycomb-like structure made of ceramic on which the catalysts are coated.

Hydrocarbons are converted into carbon dioxide and water vapors. Carbon monoxide is converted into carbon dioxide. Nitrogen oxides are broken into nitrogen and oxygen gases and then released in the air.

How were Catalytic Converters Invented?

Eugene Houdry, a French chemical engineer, was the first one to invent a catalytic converter. He filed the patent in 1950 and received his patent after four years in 1954. Houdry’s converter could only convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Later, much advanced catalytic converters were designed by John Mooney and Karl Keith, which could also convert nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons into less harmful gases. Catalytic converters (skubai) were not very popular at first. Their demand rose due to the introduction of stringent environmental legislations and regulatory frameworks, which made them mandatory in all vehicles.

Different types of Skubai (catalytic converter)

Two-Way Converters-This type of converter converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water vapors. They are mostly used in diesel engines to reduce hydrocarbon emissions. They became obsolete by 1981 due to their inability to treat oxides of nitrogen.

Three-Way Converters– Besides treating carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, they can also convert oxides of nitrogen into nitrogen and oxygen gases. They arrived in 1981 and threw two-way converters out of the market.

DOC (Diesel oxidation catalysts)- They are used in diesel engines to reduce the emissions of unburnt hydrocarbons. Their operational efficiency is 90%. They do not treat oxides of nitrogen.

How much do skubai costs?

Installation costs of a skubai depend upon the model of the car. The skubai price also depends upon the quality and brand of the company from which it is purchased. The price should be between 194$ and 1000$. The price becomes much higher for deluxe and sports cars. For high-performance sports cars, the price is above 1200$.

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