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To support the life of your machine boat, the crucial thing to determine is choosing the fuel type. A small boat less than 35 feet with inboard engine needs a diesel or petrol. Nevertheless, an outboard boat will only use petrol. If you have a small boat with stern drives, you can purchase a diesel or petrol. Somehow, your diesel engine cannot work properly even though you have been using the right fuel for the boat, but you never maintenance the engine. D-tech Contracting is a professional marine mechanic available in Perth, Australia. With our experience in diesel mechanic Perth industry, we inspect the engine, change the oil, and check the propeller regularly as the proper maintenance.

When To Choose Petrol And Diesel For Boat

Choosing petrol is good, but it takes more than 35% fuel especially with the cruising speed, compared to diesel. It is also a doo choice if you use not more than 100 hours annually. It is important to note that most boat engine will consume petrol faster. Therefore, if you use your boat to transport a heavy load far away, just like commercial boats, you should choose diesel fuel.

In fact, it can be hard to travel far away with petrol because the petrol stations are not as many as diesel stations. Here, you should make sure about the availability of fuel stations. Driving commercial boats mean you have to fill them up quite often.

In some conditions, you want to change the diesel fuel with others just because the engine is rattling and noisy. It is disturbing that you cannot talk much with your friends as well as family on board. However, changing and going with the wrong fuel is not the right solution.

If you have a plan to buy a new boat, it is worth to do your research. It helps you learn about the boat as well as the engine type. Make sure that your boat works properly by having a checklist regularly before transporting. Please note that using wrong fuel for a long period can cause engine breakdown since it can disturb the engine performance.

How To Deal With Emergency Breakdown

D-tech Contracting is the leading company in Australia that can handle all diesel engines such as MTU, Mitsubishi, Caterpillars, and Cummins. We support marine and power generation issues with an efficient service. Contact us to get our professional help for the emergency breakdown, diesel generator service, marine engine maintenance, and others. Please note that our service based on the schedule to make sure that you will get a high service quality level.

Marine mechanic at D-tech Contracting also provides emergency breakdown service with 24/7 support. For a preventative maintenance, our marine mechanic service can help to minimize the possible downtime because of the component and engine failure. Here, we will replace the components to prevent the failure.

Our service centre is in Wangara. To cover the customer needs, we deliver diesel generator, do repairs, maintenance and overhauls with our mobile marine mechanic service. We send our professional technician on site on time for an effective service. Please contact us at 0407 472 060 and let us help you deal with your issues.

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