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Know the Wonders Cement Board can Do

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Every person wants to get only those things installed in the house that benefit them in many ways. Among the large variety of materials available in the market, few things can do wonders for your house.

One of these materials is the combination of cement and fibers, which is very beneficial when it comes to getting it installed in your house. This combination is referred to as the cement board.

What is a cement board?

cement board is formed by merging cement with certain fibers to make sheets. These sheets can be made of any size and have many benefits. It is usually used as a tile backing material. It is water-resistant and therefore it is very beneficial as a material in areas that are prone to getting water damaged. Earlier, gypsum was used for this purpose, but now cement boards are referred to due to their superior characteristics.

What are the benefits of using cement boards?

It can be used to give wood a different look

Fiber cement planks can be used to give wood a different look. No other material is as good as cement board in this area. It gives a natural wood look to different materials without much effort. It can be used to avoid wood staining or repainting, and therefore, making this material a convenient material to give things a wood-like look.

Give a one-of-a-kind look

A cement board is also used to give other materials a very different look. The different design patterns of these boards can be mixed and matched to produce a very aesthetically appealing look. CenturyPly offers a wide range of options of cement boards to choose from. These cement boards have gained a lot of popularity in the current market due to their very versatile nature.


Cement boards have the wonderful property of being weather resistant. They do not get damaged by extreme heat or extreme cold. They can withstand any temperature range without breaking or getting damaged. They can do wonders in your house especially if you are located in areas of extreme temperature difference.

Does not absorb moisture

The best quality of cement board is that it looks like wood but does not act like it. Wood easily absorbs moisture from the surroundings and gets swelled up sometimes. But these cement boards eliminate this issue. They do not absorb moisture from the surroundings and stay dry all the time. So, moisture cannot cause any kind of damage to these boards, and therefore, they will be more long-lasting in comparison to other materials.

Requires low-maintenance

Cement boards do not need a lot of attention to be maintained. They do not get damaged easily and therefore, a person does not have to spend a lot of time taking care of these cement boards. Once installed, this won’t cause you any problems and also eliminate the need to spare a lot of time for this substance. This is the perfect material for any household or building as it won’t need repair often and will continue to serve your purpose for a long time.

Final Overview

All things considered; a cement board can do wonders in your house. Construction shops recommend this material to their customers owing to its very affordable price, its weather-resistant nature, and its ability to enhance the overall look of the house.

Many brands offer an amazing variety of these boards such as CenturyPly that will provide you with the best material to use in your house. So, when are you getting a cement board to aid you and make the foundation of your house stronger?

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