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Split Air Conditioner- A Brief Glance

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A split unit air conditioner contains two independent units: the compressor unit and the air cooling outlet. The air handling unit is located in the air-conditioned room, whereas the condensing unit is located in a separate container connected to the cooling outlet. The condensing unit can also be placed outside. Insulated refrigerant lines go between the two units. In the condensing unit, the compressor and condenser are installed. In the evaporating unit, the evaporator coil is installed. The split air conditioner system is quieter since the condensing unit is not located inside the conditioned space.

How does a split air conditioning system work?

Split air conditioners in India and air conditioners, in general, employ chemicals that may alter their state from gas to liquid. A refrigerant is supplied into the system’s compressor in order for it to operate. Initially, the refrigerant is a low-pressure gas. When gas becomes hot and pressurised, it condenses into a liquid. The liquid then passes through condenser tubes and loses its heat energy. Next, the refrigerant enters the expansion valve, where its pressure increases and temperature decreases further.

Finally, the liquified refrigerant enters the evaporator, where it takes away the heat from the room. The process then repeats again when the gas returns to the compressor. This is the most important cycle. The air from a room is drawn into the air conditioner and passed over the evaporator coils during this cycle. The air is cooled and pushed into the room via the interior air conditioning vents. The air will continue to circulate until it reaches a certain temperature. AC’s temperature control system can change the room’s temperature, and when it is reached, the system turns off to save energy.

Benefits of Split Air Conditioners

Convenient to use

The split system is simple to operate since it can be controlled with a remote from the comfort of your couch. The technology can also swiftly chill or heat areas, making it more convenient.


Cooling your house with a split air conditioner is both efficient and cost-effective. It should be mentioned that this type of air conditioning equipment has a much greater initial cost than a window unit and requires expert installation. However, the money you’ll save on energy bills, as well as the unit’s longevity, will make it worthwhile in the long run.

Easy installation

Unlike ducted air conditioners, split system air conditioners do not need special construction to chill the air in your home. Instead, these units are made up of an indoor and an outdoor unit that may be hung or fixed to walls or other surfaces using copper tubing and wires. In addition, split system air conditioners, unlike window units, do not require the availability of windows for installation.


The fan and condenser, which are the noisiest elements of the air conditioner, are conveniently located in the outside unit, leaving the quietest section of the air conditioner within. As a result, the split system can keep your rooms cool while remaining as quiet as possible.


Split system air conditioners are units for separate rooms. Unlike the HVAC system employed in the central cooling units where there is a single thermostat, and the temperature cannot vary, the spilt AC enables each room to have a different temperature. It also makes the cooling scenario much more energy-efficient as the cooling unit is not working for the rooms where it is not required.

Sanyo Split AC

There are several manufacturers for split AC in India, of which one is Sanyo. With Sanyo’s large range of split air conditioners, you can keep your house cool and dry. It’s a long-lasting device with 100% pure copper coils for improved heat transfer and corrosion resistance. Sanyo air conditioners enhance performance for more energy-efficient operation, which means lower power bills. Switch to Glacier Mode for jet-speed cooling. The glacial mode gives a 35% increase in fan’s rotation as compared to the medium mode. This increase in fan speed provides quicker cooling.

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