Do You Need Studs on the Road in Winter?

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Car owners have to go through a single challenge every winter season: studded tires or without studs?

It is a well-known fact that cars and, accordingly, their owners cannot do without the winter tires in winters. Moreover, the choice of studded rubber or without studs will completely depend on the features of the roads on which the driver is going to drive and weather conditions. If the road is well cleaned and maintained, the need for such things is nominal. However, a bad road and equally bad weather requires good quality studs that have capabilities to prevent the vehicle from slipping.

What are thorns for?

Studded tires are primarily designed for snowy and slippery roads or for driving in harsh climates, for example, with regular snowfalls, icy circumstances. Studs embedded in the rubber prevent the car from slipping, improve traction and, as a result, shorten the braking distance and ensure the safety of the car owner and fellow travellers. Thus, if you stay outside the city or are a big fan of outdoor trips, perhaps such type of rubber is what you need. Frequent change in the type of road (from snowy to clear) favours studded tires. Of course, such tires are great in areas with challenging climatic conditions, especially in the situation of heavy road traffic and low driving experience.

However, while moving along the cleaned city streets, studded tires will not be so suitable. Because of the studs, increasing friction with the road increases the load on the tires, which increases the wearing of their top layer, which is why it is necessary to replace the car tires several times using doorstep car cleaning in Delhi. Spikes will also be out of place for fans of high-speed driving – all because of the same increased grip.

The requirements for changing the size of the studs hugely depends on the road surface, and will naturally increase their wear resistance. However, not every model has these features. Besides, a sharp change in the road surface will not guarantee the same manoeuvrability from the tire material. Otherwise, while gripping a clean road surface, the studs can fly out, which will increase the load on the upper rubber layer and lead to imbalance while driving.

Pros and cons of studded tires: 


  • reliable grip;
  • safe management;
  • shortening the braking distance;
  • the ability to quickly change the type of road surface; 


  • Not suitable for high-speed driving.
  • Impractical in the circumstances of cleaned city roads. 

According to the professional mechanic of a luxury car service center in Delhi, the requirement of studs for winter tires solely depends on the climatic conditions of your region. The specific weather conditions of the winter period, as well as the road cleaning quality from snow. Considering all the above factors, each car owner will decide what types of rubber are best suited for his vehicle. 

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