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As your business expands, your demands are likely to vary, and you may come to a different conclusion regarding which is better: an Amazon individual seller account or a professional seller account. As a result, it is critical to recall the benefits of each alternative and to recognize when it is time to move. Being a professional Amazon seller, regardless of account type, takes a lot of effort.The Zonbase Blog can help you to make the decision between which you choose.

With a Professional Seller Central account, you may use Amazon’s Selling Partner API to interface your account with third-party services, allowing you to take advantage of incredibly useful tools. This automates the process of sending an email to each consumer who buys a product from you, allowing you to solicit feedback from them via seller feedback or product evaluations. This kind of feedback is crucial for creating an engaging product listing and increasing sales. Make sure to sign up for an app once you have created a Professional Seller Central account – there is no reason to wait, owing to the free 30-day trial that each new user receives.

Consider yourself an entrepreneur while choosing individual and professional account

In the end, the choice between an Individual and Professional Seller Central account comes down to the direction you want to take your company. A Professional Seller Central account is the way to go if you are serious about making money on Amazon.

Only if the following conditions are met will an individual plan make sense. You only want to test out anything or learn your way around the system; you only want to sell a few goods on Amazon but don’t want to establish a real business; you know you won’t sell more than 40 units per month; and you don’t want or need any of the capabilities a Professional account provides.

Fees for Individuals and Professionals Amazon account

Individual plans do not require a base membership charge, which is $39.99 per month for professional programs. The latter, on the other hand, charges you 99 cents for each goods sold. In that respect, the professional plan is worthwhile if you move more than 40 units every month. You only have to worry about one flat subscription fee, so there is no guesswork as long as you account for additional fees like fulfillment, referrals, unsold products, and so on.

 Final thoughts

You won’t be able to run Amazon sponsored advertising, but if you just make a few sales per month and don’t need more extensive data, sticking with the individual plan is still a viable option because it will cost less to maintain active.

You can create product pages and sell things in unrestricted categories, which are ones that don’t require a professional plan. This is especially true if you sell highly specialized, high-priced items that can help you meet your running costs and Amazon fees.

Individual seller plans are tailored to smaller businesses with lower sales volumes than the “larger guys.” You won’t have to pay a monthly cost; instead, you will be charged a lesser price for each sale.

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