What Are The Uses Of Neratinib?

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What are the uses of Neratinib? Some people believe that this drug holds the key to hair restoration. If you would like to regrow more hair, there is no better natural way than with topical solutions and drugs. But, what does Neratinib do?

Neratinib blocks the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp. DHT is the compound that initiates hair loss. Both men and women experience a gradual loss of hair over time. It can be genetic or caused by other factors such as scalp infections, scalp sweating and childbirth. DHT usually attacks the follicle because it doesn’t recognize the receptor sites for the hormone.

This compound binds to these sites, disabling the receptors. In so doing, it prevents the DHT from binding with the hair root and DHT can no longer cause damage. Since it can also prevent the binding of histamine, another stress factor that contributes to hair loss, some believe that it can prevent further hair loss. The use of this drug has shown promising preliminary results in pre-existing hair thinning conditions.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Neratinib in 2020. There have been a number of clinical trials conducted on this compound. Most notable of these are the placebo-controlled phase of the study. The phase allows the use of the drug under controlled circumstances to determine if it has any efficacy. Many people do not consider this type of trial to be adequate because the use of placebos is prohibited by most clinical trials. However, since the use of this drug is the only effective treatment for hereditary baldness, some patients may benefit from it.

What are the uses of Neratinib? In addition to treating hereditary baldness, it can also be used to treat other forms of alopecia. This includes Alopecia Totalis, which is the most common form of male pattern baldness. This drug is believed to cause hair regrowth in a phase II trial. More studies must be held before its full usage is recommended.

Are there any negative effects associated with Neratinib? At this time there have been no formal studies involving adverse reactions on patients using the drug for hair loss. Some patients, however, have noticed an increase in hair growth after their initial dose. Some users have also reported a reduction in the size of their male pattern hair.

What are the uses of Neratinib? Although the jury is still out as far as what the true uses of this drug are, many experts believe that it could very well be used as a “second line of defense” in the fight against baldness. For those already suffering from a form of alopecia, it might prove particularly helpful in helping to slow or stop the progression of the disease.

When should I start taking Neratinib? Like most medications such as Erlotinib, the actual time frame that you will experience the best results from using Neratinib will vary from patient to patient. The amount of time that you will need to take the drug will depend on the stage of your hair loss and how severe your condition is. For more information about the drug and how to use it, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

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