Top Tips To Consider About The Disposable Facemasks

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Introduction about the disposable face mask

Face masks are essentially required to stay safe during the corona pandemic. Some of the health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), advise all the people to wear masks when they are going out in public places. Some of the facts about the Disposable Facemasks have been discussed in this article.

Top tips to consider while buying the disposable mask

In the market, different types of disposable masks are available. Various types of customized disposable masks are available to suit any particular situation. Many people think that by wearing the mask they will be protected from coming in contact with the infectious agents. This is basically true to some extent.

However, for the public and the food service workers specifically, wearing a mask can be used to prevent the airborne droplets from being released from the wearer. So a mask is protecting other people from a person essentially. By covering the mouth and nose, one can reduce the possibility of the airborne droplets coming into contact with the respiratory system.

Masks are mainly chosen on the basis of 5 main metrics. Such as:

  1. Fluid Resistance: Masks are mainly tested to see how they resist fluid penetration.
  2. Breathability: Masks are also tested for their resistance to passing the air through them. Air is mainly driven through the mask and pressure is normally measured before and after. The lower the breathing resistance the better comfort level for the user.
  3. Bacterial Filtration: Staphylococcus aureus bacteria are used to measure the percentage of bacteria larger than 3 microns that are filtered by the mask.
  4. Particulate Filtration: The latex aerosol concentrations are mainly used for measuring the percentage of particles that are larger in size as compared to 1 micron filtered out by the mask.

Some of them are plain, printed, depending on different themes.

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The design of the mask can also be customized depending on different states such as Iowa Face Masks, Texas face mask, and so on.

Some of the safety tips to consider while wearing the facemask

  1. One should use proper hand hygiene each time they put on, or remove, or touch the surface of the face mask.
  2. One is required to put on and similarly take off the mask by holding it through the ear loops, not by touching the front part of the mask.
  3. One should make sure that the face mask fits securely and the straps fit properly over the ears or behind the head.
  4. One should sanitize their mask properly.
  5. The disposable face mask includes multiple layers of the fabric.
  6. These masks must allow breathing without restriction.

In this difficult time of the CORONA pandemic, face masks became the necessity item for all.

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