Interesting Information on the World Famous Mikimoto Pearls

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When we hear about Mikimoto pearls, it takes us back to the past decades when the great inventor Kokichi Mikimoto gifted the replica of natural pearls to the world. Today, the name is synonymous to the best cultured pearls in the whole globe. When a customer buys Mikimoto pearls, they can be sure to possess most precious, gorgeous and purity symbolising pearls.

How the cultured Mikimoto pearls achieved popularity? 

In the year 1888, Kokichi Mikimoto started a pearl culturing farm in Japanese ocean shores. He started the experiment to make pearls that look like natural pearls. In the 1893, he saw success by cultivating the first cultured pearl. However, the pearl lacked shape, lustre and colour of natural pearl. However, in the beginning of the 19th century, he was able to form pearls looking flawless and quite similar to original pearls. When he sold his cultured pearls in the market, the cost was comparatively less than natural pearls, even common working people could afford to buy the lovely looking gemstone.

After the cultured pearls invention in few years numerous farms of different Companies started emerging but the popularity of Mikimoto pearls in the world was still intact.

What was the reason behind its popularity in the pearl industry? 

The prime reason is the pearls quality. There is a strong belief that if you possess a pearl string having the clasp of Mikimoto then you are holding authentic pearls fully worth every penny of its cost.

As the years went by many jewel stones interested Company made quality cultural pearls and the whole jewellery shop was flooded with the rich supplies of all kind of pearls. Still the Mikimoto pearl necklace never lost its dynamic dazzling charm.

Today, there are hardly any culturing farms run by the Company started by Kokichi Mikimoto, however the pearls having their label still lures pearl lovers to buy and treasure them. It is a matter of pride to wear Mikimoto modern day pearls. If you want alluring, and charming the jewellery, then make sure to embed them with Mikimoto pearls.

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