Determine the Quality of Pearl in your Engagement Ring by Considering these Factors

Determine the Quality of Pearl in your Engagement Ring by Considering these Factors Posted On
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Pearls are evergreen stone that never loses its shine or grace. Weddings are incomplete without a pearl necklace or earrings that are passed on through our grandmother to us. It complements the white wedding gown. Pearl is getting back to the fashion world, which means not only middle-aged women, but youngsters are also fond of its natural look.

Fashion keeps changing, so does the demand. Diamond has its own charm, but pearl with diamond on engagement rings look exclusive. Pearl is the symbol of purity and romance. When pearls rings are prepared, it is ensured that pearl is highlighted more than any other stone, especially if it is meant for engagement or wedding. When you wear pearl ring for engagement you are bound to get complement for something different. Your better half is complemented more to think differently.

There are two types of rings available –

  • Drilled pearl ring
  • Undrilled pearl ring

It is better to buy undrilled pearl because that will give you a chance to customize the ring as per your preference. If there is a hole punctured in it to prepare a peg and glued ring, then not much can be done about it and you’ll have to buy as it is prepared. However, the price of drilled ring is lesser than undrilled pearl. This is because low quality pearls are drilled and fixed in metal or strand beforehand, but undrilled pearls are traded loose to customers so that they can customize their own jewellery.

Here are few things that you should know about pearls –

  • Freshwater and Akoya pearl are dyed with silver nitrate solution or treated with gamma rays to give it a darker shade. They aren’t, rather are affordable and since the color isn’t artificial, hence there is no chance of color fading.
  • Often jewellers try to sell fake pearls to inexperienced customers. The best way to identify is that fake pearl is too perfect in terms of shape, color and size.
  • Fake pearls have smooth surface since they dyed with paint, but natural pearls will have rippled layer on it which is the roughness of nacre.

Do remember, that natural pearls are rare to find because out of 10,000 oysters only one will produce a natural pearl, therefore pearls are cultivated by farmers to meet the market’s demand. However, cultivated pearls aren’t fake, but they are also prepared through natural process but the foreign object is entered forcefully by farmers into the oyster shells.

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