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Traditionally, flowers have always been used as a way to express a lot of emotions. It could be used to express happy as well as sad emotions too. It is a way of showing sympathy and makes the receiver feel hope and warmth in times of grief. At a time where its hard to speak words, they are a way of offering condolences. It is a basic funeral etiquette that is followed in many cultures and religions. People also leave flowers on the graves of their loved ones to honour their memory and also use it to gift it to the nears and dears left behind by the dead as a way to signify their sympathy and compassion. It brings a sense of love and comfort for the grieving family as well as friends.

Find out if its appropriate or not

However, there are some cultures that do not deem it appropriate to send or receive flowers on funerals. So before you send them across, be sure to find out the right funeral etiquette according to their religion. For example the Islamic, Jewish as well as Hindu communities do not generally approve of flowers or gifts in funerals. In case of a Buddhist ceremony, they only receive white flowers as condolences and red flowers are considered ill fitting for funerals. So its best to educate yourself or take help from friends and family of the deceased to find out whether its appropriate to bring or send flowers to funerals.

There are several arrangements of flowers that are suitable for funerals. It could either be a bouquet, a flower basket or even in the form of flower wreaths. Its also important to choose the right flowers.

Symbols of Flowers

Most flowers have a symbolic meaning and representation.

  • Lily flower symbolizes purity and innocence.
  • White stargazer lilies symbolizes sympathy.
  • White carnations symbolize pure love and innocence.
  • Red and pink carnations show remembrance and admiration.
  • Gladioli flowers show sincerity and moral integrity.
  • Chrysanthemums are also used in European and East cultures as a sympathy flower.
  • White roses are used to show reverence and remembrance.
  • Red roses symbolizes love.
  • Pink roses symbolize admiration, gratitude and appreciation.
  • Orchids are also used to show affection and admiration.

Where can we get the right flowers?

There are a lot of services that provide flowers for all occasions whether its birthdays, anniversaries as well as for funeral ceremonies. You can get all these flowers from any local florist or from online flower delivery services as there are many that provide sympathy flower Singapore. It doesn’t matter where you get them from as long as they have a good reputation and provide fresh and blooming flowers. They should also be prompt in their delivery, if its an online delivery service. You wouldn’t want any delay on their part leading to you being late to the ceremony.

When should you send sympathy flowers?

The decision of whether or not to send sympathy flowers depends on the kind of relationship that you had with the dead. Choose according to the symbols of these flowers, that which best symbolizes your feelings and emotions.

There is no hard and fast rule as to when to send these flowers. You can send them either as soon as you hear the sad news or even days after the ceremony to show remembrance.

Now that you know what to do, do not hesitate in sending and bringing flowers along to a funeral to how your respects.

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