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We may also call a panic attack an anxiety attack. A panic attack is quite common among Americans, and some studies suggest that 11% of Americans get panic attacks every year. A panic attack is an episode of fear or anxiety that brings along a number of physical symptoms.

A person might lose control over his emotions and physical behavior. It is a difficult situation to handle and leaves a person clueless. However, there are some little things that can help you overcome this phase. This puts a person in a better position to come out of it much sooner and in an appropriate manner.

What Causes Panic Attacks?

Researchers exactly can’t point out the real cause of panic attacks. It is a very complex phenomenon, and there are many things to consider. One thing is sure that our brain and nervous system play a vital role in perceiving and handling fear. The following reasons can possibly cause panic attacks.

1. Family History

Panic attacks and anxiety issues often run in the family, and it is passed from one generation to the other. If any of the parents have been dealing with anxiety or panic attacks, you are at an increased risk of experiencing a panic attack.

2. Mental Health

A person dealing with some sort of mental or nervous issues such as anxiety, depression, or mood disorders is more likely to get a panic attack than others. Mental illnesses and other psychological issues can possibly cause panic attacks.

3. Alcoholism

Alcoholism and even substance abuse can also increase the risk of a panic attack. An addict may potentially experience panic attacks too. These injurious habits seriously affect brain chemistry and brain functions. Most of the time, it is difficult to come out of such addictive habits.

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Ways To Cope With Panic Attack

It is difficult to anticipate panic attacks; however, learning some coping methods gives you an upper hand over the situation. You can employ some methods to feel more in control and manage panic attacks. These methods can also help to reduce the general state of anxiety significantly.

1. Remember That It Will Pass

Keep consciously reminding yourself that it is a temporary phase, and soon it shall pass away. Your strong inner belief that the panic attack is for a short period of time and it shall go without any serious harm can help you get back to a normal state.

2. Take Deep Breaths

Panic attacks often trigger a number of physical symptoms, such as rapid and shallow breaths. This can make the attack even worse. Deliberately focus on your breathing and manage to take deep and slow breaths.

This will help you to prevent a worse situation and get back to a normal state more quickly. Controlling your breath is one of the best and most effective relaxing techniques that work well in every situation.

3. Smell Some Lavender

Studies suggest that lavender scent is an effective remedy that promotes calmness and relaxation. Thus sniffing on it can really help to get out of a state of panic. You can easily buy lavender oil and other essential oils online. Not specifically lavender, you can smell any scent of your choice.

When you smell something, your focus shifts towards your sense of smell, and thus, the brain’s attention diverts. You can inhale it by holding a few drops of lavender oil in your hand and keeping it under the nose. You can even dab a few drops of it on your handkerchief.

4. Find A Peaceful Spot

Both sights and sounds can make a panic attack worse. You can prevent a panic attack from getting worse by finding yourself a peaceful spot. The best thing you can do for yourself is to manage a peaceful place for yourself. This can make your coping strategies more effective. In a peaceful place, you better focus on your breathing and get more benefit from deep breathing mechanisms.

5. Focus On An Object

You may begin to focus on the nearby or surrounding object. Focus on different aspects of the objects, such as you may begin to focus and differentiate the texture, shape and size of different objects. The idea is to focus on other stimuli. Brain attention gets diverted when you shift your focus from one stimulus to other stimuli. This is one great way to stop or overcome a panic attack.

6. Focus Some Repetitive Words

You can utter to yourself some strong repetitive words and keep repeating them. This is not only beneficial in providing you with inner strength, but it also works well to shift your attention. When you go on repeating some magic words for you, it effectively allows your brain to reboot. The physical responses also begin to slow down, and eventually, you come out of the panic phase.

7. Walk Or Light Exercise

Involve yourself in some rhythmic physical activity such as walking or engaging yourself in light exercise. When you do so, your brain begins to focus on the rhythm allowing you to get more control over your breathing mechanism.

It works well to produce soothing neurotransmitters in the brain, such as endorphins which naturally tend to relax the body and other signs of a panic attack. A more regular and consistent routine of exercise helps you to avoid and prevent panic attacks altogether.

8. Take Prescribed Medication

If you are an anxiety patient, then your physician might have suggested some medications. These medications can also help you to get out of a panic attack. If the medicine does not seem to work for you, then you should consult it with your doctor. He might suggest something else to you.

There are many simple measures that can do a remarkable job in letting you overcome a panic attack. You can practice these measures and make use of the ones that work best for you.

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