The operating system of a Smartphone: Android or Apple?

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Another key point to determine in order to choose the right Smartphone is the operating system. Just like a computer, the operation of a phone is based on an operating system. In the Smartphone market, there are two main systems: Android and iOS. To go into more detail, in this market, many smart phones (over 80%) have the Android system developed by Google. With a Smartphone delivered under Android, you can access the Google Play Store with more than 1.5 million applications available. This operating system is also very popular with users for its customizable aspect, with access to multiple settings to personalize its terminal. Note, however, that depending on the manufacturers who offer their smart phones under Android, the interface, menus, and features differ. This operating system is accessible with many brands of smart phones such as redmi note 6 pro.  The iOS operating system, on the other hand, is only for Apple-branded devices. To benefit from this powerful and very easy-to-use operating system, you must, therefore, purchase an iPhone. Just like with Android, with the iOS system, you access over 1.3 million apps through the App Store. On the other hand, unlike a Smartphone equipped with the Android system, the personalization of your device is less marked with iOS.

Connectivity: watch out for frequencies!

In terms of connectivity, the new smart phones are now all compatible with 4G. This 4th generation network allows users to obtain speeds of up to 100 Mb / s for web browsing on their Smartphone. In the USA, the 4G network is now available on almost the entire territory.

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Please note, however, some Chinese Smartphone models are not all optimized for USA  4G. The frequency bands used may indeed vary depending on the cell phone. But rest assured, the current brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG… are compatible with all frequencies used in USA.T he first 5G mobile phones are also already available on the market.


Autonomy is an important criterion for choosing a Smartphone. Indeed, the battery of our mobile is very stressed according to the uses. To judge the autonomy of a mobile, refer to the battery power indicator measured in mAh. Thus, the more important this indicator, the greater the autonomy will be.

For information, more and more Smartphone manufacturers are equipping their phones with fast charging technologies that allow a Smartphone’s battery to be fully or partially recharged in just a few minutes.

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