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Movies are a great way to get entertained, and they come in various genres as well. So people can select their favorite genre and enjoy watching their favorite movie more easily than ever. All thanks to modern technology, one need not visit theatres to get entertained, as the internet has brought it up to our fingertips. All of your favorite movies are just a click away! If you are looking for movies to watch with your family, we have some great suggestions for you! The movies we have listed below are no coincidence on our list. They deserve to be mentioned and we suggest you watch them because they are very instructive; the stories are accompanied by interesting music. Although the films are different, they contain different themes; they are connected by many threads, such as the best comedy ever. Also what they have in common is that they are part of Indian filmmaking, Telugu movies. After watching them you will surely remember them forever. Wondering what movies, we are talking about? Watch here!

Vasu This movie follows the struggle of Vasu (Venkatesh) in his attempt to become a popular singer and musician. Vasu’s father wants him to become a civil servant but Vasu opposes that dream. How Vasu overcomes his struggles and reaches his goal is the gist of the story.

Venky – Venkatesh and his friends are all jobless youth who get selected into the Police force by chance. This movie follows their hilarious journey from their village to the city. They attempt to solve a murder mystery to help out a co-passenger that they befriend on the train.

Doosukelta – Chinna (Manchu Vishnu) an aspiring journalist conducts a sting operation. He lands up with injuries as a result of his sting operation and falls in love with his physician Dr. Alekhya (LavanyaTripathi). Chinna and Alekhya are both troubled by the same villain and the film shows how Chinna protects her.

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