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Some Handy Tips for Buying a Domain Name for Your Business

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A business website needs a gooddomain name to ensure that customers can find it on the Internet. Having a unique website name also helps it add extra credibility, improve brand awareness and attract a target audience. Nevertheless, it is not easy to buy domain name, for you need to spend some time to research andfind a suitable domain or website address. A right domain will help communicate some information about your business to potential customers.

Looking for an appropriate domain name for your business is not easy as there are over two billion websites on the Web. You may not know whether a particular name that matches your business is in use or available for purchase. For more information on a specific domain, you can find a suitable domain name registrar, who can help you get the most appropriate website address you want. Here are some tips to help you buy a good domain name.

1. Choose keyword combinations easy to pronounce, remember and type

Using keywords in a domain name will help visitors know what your business does. Nonetheless, the keyword combinations should be short, pronounceable and memorable for anyone to type on the URL space bar, without any mistake. Names that put stress on one’s memory will be easily forgotten, for there is a limit to the quantity and type of information one can retain in his or her memory. Having a short catchy name is easy for anyone to remember. You need to ensure that your domain name is within 6 -14 characters

2. Avoid hyphens and numbers

A website address with hyphens and numbers are difficult to remember and type on the URL space bar. It is important to choose a one-word name or a combination of two words as your domain name. For instance, names like Amazon and Facebook are easy to remember and type for visitors on the Internet.

3. Use a domain name tool to search

Though you have your own combination of keywords, which you want to use, there are possibilities for such words to have been taken by someone. You can use a domain name generator or tool to check the availability of a name. Furthermore, a domain that suits your business may not be available, but it may not be in use. In such a case, it is better if you engage a domain registration company to help you find a unique domain for your website. Such a service provider can help you have:

  • a domain that is popular and not in use
  • its registration, as well as management of it
  • a renewal of domain through management tools
  • unique email addresses which can be usedanywhere
  • DNS hosting
  • a support team offering 24/7 support

4. Use a right domain name extension

A website address is a combination of a domain name and an extension. You need to choose from the generic top-level domains (TLDs) if you are looking for the popular ones such as .com, .net, and .org. Nevertheless, they come for a high price. You can also choose country-code domains if you want to attract local customers, or some new ones like ‘’ or ‘’

5. Plan to future-proof the domain name

Buying a domain is a long-term investment, and therefore, it is important to think where your business or brand will be in the next 10 years, and then, choose a domain.

With a reliable domain and web hosting service provider, you can buy domain namethat best suits your business.

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