Skin Problem and the role of the Dermatologists

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Skin and the Skin Problems

Skin is the largest in the human body. It acts as the outermost covering of the body thus protecting the body from external elements like the dust, virus, bacteria, harmful UV rays of the sun etc. the skin is present in the form of layers in the human body. The layer of the skin is called as the dermis, epidermis and the endodermis. Although the skin as the protective agent of the internal portion of the body. The skin is very much prone to infections also. Fungal infection on the skin surface is very much common among human beings. Dermatologists are those persons who are very much capable of assessing all of those infection related conditions in the skin and also cure them too.

Dermatology and its practices

Dermatology is not only the study or the diagnosis of the situations happening due to infection on the skin surface, but it also involves a lot of research about the skin and the function of the skin leading to the cure of those problems. It involves dealing with the problems skin cancer, cosmetic surgery and aging effect and problems in the hair, nails etc. dermatology also gives rise new career opportunities like the with much more specialization like the topical medication, systemic medication, dermatohisto pathology, immunotherapy, dermatologic surgery, laser therapy, photo dynamic therapy, normal photo therapy, radiotherapy, cosmetic surgery etc. Especially out of all these the laser therapy has been the best of all with its ease of use and also with its high efficiency in the result for which it has been used. And it is comparatively a cheaper option than other specialization techniques.

Common Skin Problems affecting human beings

Skins problems are very much common among all the human beings and at least for once in a lifetime it will definitely happen. Common skin Problems are:

  • Fungal infection: This problem is very much common. And the treatment for the removal of the fungal infection takes a lot of time as both the human beings, which acts the host to the fungus are both eukaryotes.
  • Dermatitis: General itching sensation due to any bacterial infection. It may cause a lot of irritation on the skin and the hair region.
  • Acne: One of the most common conditions faced by the teenager during their transition age. It happens due to the bacteria Propioni bacterium acne.

Other problems like skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema are very much common. Skin cancer is also called as the melanoma.

To keep the skin healthy

Barring the complex conditions the simple problem conditions can be managed by having proper and hygienic practice. Regular washing of the body can remove many bacteria from the body. Apart from people should drink a lot of water to keep the skin supple. Fruits rich in vitamin A and vitamin E must be taken too so that they will aid in maintaining the internal layer of the skin in the proper way.

Facility in Bangalore

For a city like Bangalore, medical facility needs to be very good. There is good Dermatologist in Bangalore, having a lot of experience and are an absolute expert in this field of diagnosis.

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