Significance And Basic Fundamentals Of Creating A Good UI Design

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UI or User Interface design focuses on the user’s experience and interaction with the website. Users need to feel impressed with the website because they got what they came for quickly, efficiently, and successfully. Best UI allows visitors to forget the website mechanics and deal with the task they desire to attain. Designing web pages and designing interfaces is different.

What is UI design?

Designers focus on the looks and feel while designing the user interface. The web designer’s team at Australian Internet Advertising aims to create a UI that is user-friendly and pleasing. AIA is a Sydney-based agency that has been offering website design services to large and small companies along with digital marketing consultancy.

Digital interface is concentrated around typography, navigation menus, buttons, and icons for a better aesthetic experience. Users must have a pleasant and smooth experience in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The interfaces are created in such a way that customers are connected to your brand.

Formats of user interface designs

  • Graphical user interface or GUI – These are visual representations that users interact with on the digital control panels like buttons or icons or menus.
  • Voice-controlled interface or VUI – Voices are necessary to initiate the action on VUI. For example, smart assistants like Alexa [Amazon] or Siri [iPhone].
  • Gesture-based interface – Gestures impact the product action like the VR games.

Every design format has its limitations and the designer has to study and use it smartly for users to enjoy a seamless experience.

What is the definition of a good UI design?

  • A pleasant user experience that even empowers them to finish the essential task easily and quickly.
  • Consider different users’ diverse needs and accessibility.
  • Simple and visually pleasing interface without distraction. Users gain clarity on how to access the specific information they came in search for.
  • Concentrates on your products or services and directs prospects towards them.
  • People can control the interaction and navigation as they like but the interface offers help, whenever needed.

All these elements blend to create a good, simple, and powerful UI design. Users don’t have to browse across many web pages to find needed information but discover it quickly.

Basic principle to create good UI design


Keep actions and words consistent or this can confuse the user. All the elements used have to be consistent. For example, if a button with the same color, size, and font is created for two different actions [like ‘submit’ or ‘cancel’] then it can confuse the users.

Colors do make important function recognition easy, especially for similar actions like ‘request more details’ and ‘request a demo’. Therefore, first develop basic guidelines for color schemes and fonts. It gives the user a feel that they are on the same site.

Maintain consistency in appearance, functionality, and terminology.

Avoid complex tasks and burden

Use different techniques like readable text, content structuring, etc. for maximum effectiveness. Never make users work hard on your website.

Consider visual clarity, the balance of images & text, and follow the 3-click rule.

Offer users the control

Empower and instil a feeling of control, which makes the user feel comfortable instead of pressured to learn complex UI for attaining your product or services.

  • Include anchors with links or main menu in the commonly used web pages for easy navigation across the site.
  • Backtrack [revisit the previous page] feature is also essential, as it encourages the user to control their browsing journey.
  • Offer feedback when a specific action is finished like while creating a password notify the user about what is missing and what criteria are mandatory.
  • Offer real-time system updates to avoid users’ impatience like when they are downloading or processing.
  • Enable auto-save, so that previous work is not lost due to accidental click on a button.
  • Provide word and visual labels.
  • Craft error messages creatively to avoid irritation. You can link the error message to a relevant and useful page.

Make users feel comfortable

Make sure that every visitor feels empowered and confident on your website.

Consider avoiding jargon, be inclusive, and use recognizable cues.

Good UI design influences the users to explore the website without feeling afraid or challenged. Website is your brand’s face on the internet, so it has to be designed in an impressive way so that customers remember it for a long.

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