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The MT5 trading platform is one of the most popular platforms for online trading. It offers traders a powerful and flexible environment to trade a wide range of financial instruments. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 key reasons why traders should consider using the MT5 trading platform.

1. Wide range of assets

The MT5 platform provides access to trade thousands of financial assets across different asset classes like currencies, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies on one single platform. This wide selection of tradable assets gives traders more opportunities to diversify their portfolio and hedge their positions. Traders can find exotic currency pairs, shares of major companies, commodities like gold and oil, popular stock indices and leading cryptocurrencies all under one roof with MT5. The large asset coverage reduces the need to use multiple platforms and makes trading very convenient.

In addition to common assets, MT5 also offers trading in less popular and niche assets. This exposes traders to new market opportunities. The platform regularly adds new assets as and when they become available in global markets. So traders are assured of always having access to trade the latest assets. They do not need to switch platforms as and when new tradable assets emerge. This extensive asset database with MT5 gives maximum flexibility to traders.

2. Advanced charting and technical analysis tools 

MT5 comes equipped with powerful built-in charting and technical analysis tools that help traders analyze markets, identify trading opportunities and devise effective trading strategies. Features like 200+ indicators, drawing tools, custom indicators, alerts and notifications, one-click trading etc. give traders in-depth market insights. Traders can perform advanced technical analysis by layering multiple indicators and studies on charts. The platform also allows saving customized workspaces with pre-configured indicators, layouts and settings tailored to individual trading styles.

Traders can analyze multiple assets simultaneously in a single chart window using the cross-chart feature. Customizable charts with flexible timeframes ranging from 1-minute to monthly further enhance the technical analysis capabilities. Overall, the advanced charting and technical analysis suite in MT5 equips traders with powerful tools for market research and developing robust trading strategies.

3. Automated trading through Expert Advisors 

MT5 allows creating and deploying automated trading robots called Expert Advisors (EAs). These EAs can execute trades autonomously based on predefined rules and conditions without any manual intervention. Traders can program EAs using the built-in MQL5 programming language to develop algorithmic and automated trading strategies. Once developed, EAs can be attached to trading accounts to trade around the clock according to the coded rules. This takes trading to the next level by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up traders’ time.

Automated trading through EAs is very useful for strategies involving frequent trades, scalping, news trading etc. where manual execution may not be feasible. EAs also help implement complex strategies involving multiple indicators, filters and timeframes that are difficult to follow manually. Traders can backtest EAs on historical market data to optimize parameters before deployment. Automation through EAs allows focusing on strategy development rather than manual order placement. It suits both novice traders learning programming as well as experienced algorithmic traders. Overall, the Expert Advisor functionality makes MT5 very powerful for automated trading.

4. Low cost of trading

MT5 offers traders a cost-effective trading environment with low commissions as well as other associated expenses. In addition, most MT5 brokers have some of the best spreads and commission rates. Brokers have also resorted to zero-spread accounts, fixed or no commission plans and other promotional offers meant to minimize the cost of trading. Moreover, it is possible to access MT5 without any platform payment per month or a year. For an MT5 account, the traders just have to settle it on their preferred brokers. That’s why trading on MT5 is cheaper than, for example, for most platforms and in-house packages.

Since trading costs are low, they do not eat through the profits made by the traders to the extent that they have to concentrate on them instead of their strategies. This also allows for trading strategies based on lots of tiny trades, which generally wouldn’t work well under higher commission rates. With low operating costs, traders have an easy time in trying different strategies. For instance, some MT5 brokers provide several categories of accounts such as micro accounts or cent accounts that help novice traders who do not have significant capital to begin trading through making smaller deposits. Generally, MT5 low cost structure makes it pocket friendly for all time traders in addition to part time workers.

5. Powerful backtesting and strategy testing applications.

The Strategy Tester in MT5 facilitates strong backtesting as well as strategy testing. Traders may trade back-in-time using historical market data for analyzing performance in time series format. Strategy tester automates the backtesting process through coding of strategies as expert advisors. These include reports containing profitability measures, drawdown, trade statistics among other functions which help in optimizing and tuning of strategies prior to live trading. Walk-forward analysis also avails traders with crucial information relating to whether the strategy is suitable for different market situations.

Besides backward testing, MT5 Strategy Tester can also perform forward testing of strategies. It enables traders to conduct strategy testing using live market data without actual trading to gauge ongoing performance. It has an application for the manual as well as the automated strategy. It is quick as it conducts repeated retesting automatically. Strategy Tester enables traders to compare different strategies objectively, using quantitative performance measures for choosing the optimal approach. All in all, reliable backtesting and strategy testing options available in MT5 allow creation and fine-tuning systematic, rule-based strategies.


It is a powerful, user-friendly trading platforms that supports all online instruments. Among its advantages are its variety of tradeable assets, advanced technical analysis and charting tools, Expert Advisor support, affordable trading fees, and strong backtesting capabilities. That is why, MT5 provides every requisite trader should implement either the manual or the automatic trading techniques. Its superior features coupled with their affordability makes this platform ideal for both new and established traders. Conclusively, MT5 and fx forex trading can be said to be one of the best trading platforms for people who are in search of a reliable yet pocket-friendly option.

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