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Points to ponder before purchase an inverter

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Summer time means mercury levels are seeping. Scorching sun over our head compounds are miseries. To compound to our miseries, power cuts add up to the suffering. To combat this situation resort to inverter battery online purchase. The choice of a proper inverter is important. Viable alternatives in the form of home UPS are also available in the market. So it is better you understand difference between the two before a purchase decision. Before you  opt for inverter battery price online, gain sufficient knowledge about an inverter. Below are mentioned some basic tips that makes the choice of an inverter an easy task.

Figuring out power consumption

Before you set out to purchase an inverter clearly outline total power consumption of your home. On an average summer day check out what all items you need. Form a generator an inverter is different as it cannot run all electrical appliances of your home if electricity goes off. No matter what you need to select electrical appliances that you would need throughout the day. Outlining total power requirements of your home goes a long way to purchase inverter of proper size. VA rating of an inverter is important.

Outline difference between a home UPS and an inverter

From a functional point of view a home UPS is similar to an inverter. Both devices connect direct current to alternating current serving as a backup option for electricity crises. The major difference between both the devices is recurring power supply. In case of a power cut no power lag occurs between the times to switch on a device. Devices that run on an inverter total blackout period decreases once electricity is off. For this reason computer systems in our home are connected with UPS. This provides an opportunity to save important documents.

Be aware of the VA rating of your inverter

 Watt ratings or VA ratings should not be used in an interchangeable manner. The appliances that we use in our home like refrigerator are the ones that require power hence rating in watts occur. On the other hand power generating appliances like inverters are rated in VA. In an ideal situation both watt ratings and VA has to be the same. But in real circuits such a situation is a remote possibility. Manufacturers may claim both of them to be same, but do not be misled.

Be aware which appliances you can power with an inverter

For appliances like fridge or air conditioner you can use an inverter. The motors of such devices are empowered with compressors needed high electricity to run such appliances. So in order to start such high end appliances it is better to opt for inverters that have high VA values designed to meet demands of such high end devices.

Just about any product like an inverter or UPS, make it a point that there is a stipulated warranty period attached. For an inverter virtually it requires no maintenance at all , unless the device shuts off automatically.

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