Larry Moskowitz – The Role of Composition and Design in Art

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Every artist wants to create a good work of art; however, there are certain factors that a painter needs to work on in order to create the desired outcome for a painting or work of art. One of these factors is composition and design. In order to create a successful piece of art, composition and design are very important elements of the painting to make it look appealing and impress the audience.

Larry Moskowitz- understand the basics of composition and design

Larry Moskowitz is a talented photographer, traveler, and artist. He has been inspired to be in these creative fields by both his mom and dad. He is passionate about painting and has also worked with digital art and several papercraft projects. He says when it comes to design and composition, a good artist will pay attention to them. Here, planning is the first key so when you decide to create artwork, first make a plan. The composition has to be designed first before you sketch. So, plan a color scheme and try out some thumbnail sketches.

Using a value pattern

Think of a value pattern and use it in the planning stage. You should focus on a subject of interest. If you look at the works of famous painters, you will find that their center of interest has been the main point that attracted the appreciation of millions across the world. Some works are so popular that they stole the hearts of art lovers in nearly every nation of the world. In short, you need to ensure you enjoy painting the subject matter or the central point of interest in your painting. If you are painting a landscape, obey the laws of nature and make sure they are reflected in your painting. If required make certain observations before you use them in your works of art. You create good impressions if you use realistic landscapes in your works of art.

When you are working on the image, you should take it till the edge of the canvas. The use of broken lines both thick and thin will help you to create an impressive painting. If you look at famous painters or good artwork, you will find that no two shapes are exactly the same.

Larry Moskowitz says that when you are an artist, you should always nurture your creative skills and the inner artist that you have inside you. He says that since you are an artist, collect pieces of art that you resonate with. You can create a collection of the art you love. If you want inspiration, travel to new places and locales. Here, you are able to discover new perspectives for your work. You can visit local museums and art galleries. If you wish to paint go ahead and enjoy it. These are just some helpful tips that largely help you to become a good artist and improve your skills. They help you stay motivated and dedicated to your passion for painting and art with success!

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