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I just recently started fly fishing with my dad, who’s been doing it for a little while. I decided to take it up because that’s what my dad enjoyed, and I wanted a way to spend more one on one time with him. I enjoyed regular spin fishing so I figured I’d enjoy fly fishing as well.

My dad said that he would show me as much as he could, but I’d also benefit from doing some reading and watching some educational videos. He directed me to Trouts Fly Fishing and said they have a section for books that I can order, plus a whole section on their website that is dedicated to education.

I ordered a couple of books on the basics of fly fishing, but I was amazed at what resources that they had available for everyone on their site. There were informational videos and tips. It was really cool.

I learned so much just by visiting their education section, which is so cool because anyone has access to this information. I knew I’d have a pretty good grasp on it once I actually gave it a try. Plus, my books were arriving soon, so I’d be learning even more.

My dad and I planned a day trip to let me try my hand at fly fishing. I didn’t have my own equipment yet, so I had to find a place to rent from. I was super excited to get started.

Between what I’d learned from Trouts Fly Fishing website, and what I’d gleaned so far from my books, I was pretty confident. With my dad’s direction, almost everything went very smoothly. Of course I knew I was no expert so I was careful not to be overly confident.

After a successful day of fly fishing, we decided we’d go out in another 2 weeks. After that mini trip, I was hooked. I knew that I could enjoy this as a long term hobby. Not to mention that it was accomplishing my goal of spending more time with my dad.

I decided to go all in and buy my equipment after that second outing. With the help of my dad and the customer service at Trouts Fly Fishing, I was able to figure out just what I needed to really get myself started as a fly fisherman.

I’m super excited that I found this company, because it’s just got something for everyone whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned fly fisherman. I’m so thankful I found them. I’m also really glad I found a great way to bond with my dad.

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