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It all starts with a brilliant plan!

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sublimity or sag them with annoyance. It all depends on how you keep things within it. But no person is a born interior designer and not all can afford the best interior design company in India. Thus, here are some things you can do to interior design your living room!

You would not want to buy a building full of beddings and pillows, just to throw them later. Many people do the mistake of not planning well while shaping their living space. It all starts with a plan about what things do you want from your living space. It could be anything from reading to watching to sipping to lying to anything.

Make a list of all the things that you want in your living room; take the dimensions of your living room; plan those things in that space; keep the things that fit; cut the things that don’t or find an alternative.

Here is a list of all the basic things that your living room can allow you:

  • You can host a casual party inCaress your living room with these interior design tips!
  • It is an irony that many do successfully turn their living room into a dead room. The reason? The lack of knowledge around how the different elements speak with each other in living space. When it comes to a living room, the majority of the daytime gets spent inside it. Thus it becomes necessary to shape it with perfection. The best way is to always hire an interior design company in India. Or you may look for famous interior designers in India. But it does cost some. And there are times when we need to do it ourselves. It does not only nourish us with pride but a sense of empathy.
  • Here are a few things that you can always do to your living room and make it speak sublime to those souls that live within it!
  • Tips on how to shape your living room from an interior design company!
  • Be it a child or a grown-up, a living room speaks to all. It can either caress your senses with side with your friends and relatives.
  • It can be a playing space for your little children.
  • You might also want a television or some home theater. Television might require a wall television unit. Thus, look if you can make space for it.
  • It can also have a bookshelf to allow anyone their reading time.
  • The couch is always a part of a living room as much as the heart is of our bodies.

Then it comes to the furniture!

A living room without furniture can croon discomfort. Furniture is something that brings life into the living room. The first thing that you would always want to do is to invest good in a couch. A luxurious couch can always make amendments for something missing in the room. You would want a sofa large enough to allow your family and some extra guests.

The next thing you would want is a console table that would act as something greeting everybody entering the room. You can place it around the television.

Furthermore, if there is space, think of buying a side cabinet to assist you with keeping the things you do not need often.

However, the world around is going towards a minimalist design. Thus, if you want to keep up with the trend then look for an interior design company in India that would assist you in being classically minimalist.

Occasional furniture can add grace to your minimalist style. For example, you can always put a coffee table near a window side to help you cherish the day around a book.

Let there be light, but let the light be lively!

Lighting affects mood as much does the taste of food. You would never want to keep your living room dull. Choose bright lighting. It can not only help you elevate your mood but can also save your eyes.

There is a thing called Affective Disorder that most suffer from in the winters. It is something defined as a sense of low spirits and bouts of depression. The reason? Lack of proper sunlight.

Keep the light shades as close to the natural light as possible. You would want to opt for a light that is closer to 6500K color temperature. If possible, you would want to keep a regulator to mimic the sun. Ask any famous interior designers in India and you will get to know the importance of lighting!

Give yourself some space!

Will you call your mind lively if it is dense with a lot of thoughts going on at a moment? It is disastrous! One must always make use of space in the living room wisely. Do not pack your furniture and other things too tightly and closely. The room must look perfectly spaced to instill in you a sense of freedom. Otherwise, you will always feel a little in prison.

Keep some clear space with only a graceful table amidst your couch and your television unit. There should be an appropriate distance between you and your television. Here is a list to consider:

Size of TV The approx. viewing distance
49″ 75″ (or 6.23 feet)
50″ 75″ (or6.25 feet)
55″ 83″ (or 6.92 feet)
60″ 90″(or 7.55 feet)

Data taken from Sony

Know that this is the minimum distance. You would want to keep a safe space further and look for yourself what feels best.

Hue your room right to shape your mood right!

You would never want to use dark shades for your living room. However, these shades can be used to create a stark contrast and instillawakeness in the mood. But make sure that it remains as low as possible.

You can use lighter shades of green, blue, gray, beige, etc. If you have already hired an interior design company in India, take the colorcatalog, open google, and search your combination. Your interior design company will surely assist you, but there is always a space for some novel possibility.

Choose shading rightly!

This is a part of lightning but we have given it a separate space. Shadows can play hugely with the mood. When installing the lights, make sure that shading has been done correctly. You would not want too much of shade spoiling everything, but when done rightly, it can bring the essence of the room.

Because the lightning will be of high temperature, you would want to imagine how it will play with other elements inside the room. Furthermore, if you are planning to have a window for open light to enter, place elements around correctly. Never put the television unit as opposed to the light bulb or the window. It will reflect over the screen.

Importance of an interior design company for your living room!

If you live in India, an interior design company in India is always a luxury that not all can afford. But it does not mean that billionaires or millionaires can afford them alone. The Internet has given space to too many booming decor companies. However, we always suggest people to go for experienced and famous interior designers in India.

Make some space in your financial records for an interior design company in India and you’ll cherish our advice later on!

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