How to keep your dog during the summer holidays?

How to keep your dog during the summer holidays? Posted On
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Are you going on vacation but unfortunately cannot take your doggie with you? We tell you everything to keep your dog and make him spend a great summer.

Foster care

For short stays of around a week, you can go to one of your neighbors who also have dogs (sociable) to ask him to take your dog home during your absence. This method is quite used because dogs love to be in the company of play partners. Not only will you make sure that your dog is watched by a connoisseur, but you will also have taken care to find him company so that he does not get depressed in your absence.

If you have family members or close friends who love your dog, you can ask them to keep your dog healthy either at home or at home. They will benefit from your home and your garden for example. It’s win-win!

For short and especially long periods, opt for dog boarding. Like a summer camp, there are pensions for dogs of various types ranging from the simplest to the most luxurious. You then have the choice of accommodation for your dog, its food, and the professionals take care of your animal, walk it and watch over its little habits. For sociable dogs , this is a concept they really like. And if your dog is rather lonely, many pensions offer individual boxes so that your doggie can feel at ease.

Guard at your home

Some dogs find it difficult to be alone or to find themselves immersed in a new environment without their owner. In this case, it is better to turn to pet-sitters to keep your dog at home.

The principle of home care is that the person who will come to monitor your doggie can stay overnight at your home in your absence. In some cases, it is possible for you to arrange with the person so that he spends all day with your dog and returns home at night depending on the autonomy of your dog.

If your dog is used to staying alone at home, you can only plan visits: the pet-sitter will not spend all day with him but can come to see him every day according to a schedule that you have defined together at advanced. The main thing is that your dog feels good and does not cause any inconvenience to the neighbors, during your absence!

Whatever your preferences, at home, with the jobseeker, on a visit, you can turn to the pet-sitters of YoupiJob, near you. They have a passion for dogs, but also cats, and look after their well-being as if it were their own animal. Each of them is evaluated, we advise you to read the comments to make your choice. Submit your detailed request now to receive ” request this service ” applications

Precautions to take during the summer

Our furry friends also suffer from heat during the summer. To prevent your dog from getting too hot, choose cooling solutions such as: a dog pool, a dog cage fan, a cooling mat for dogs, a cooling coat for dogs or even the AnimAlarmanti coup de heat that sends you a sms as soon as the temperature around your dog starts to climb.

During city walks, be careful to go out with your dog at the hottest hours. Indeed, the first danger for dogs is burns on the pads: the bitumen heats up in full sun and can reach up to 70 degrees

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