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How to Host an Unforgettable Christmas Party at Home

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The festive season is in full swing right now and while everybody is busy getting their Christmas shopping and presents sorted, you could also start planning your Christmas party. The holidays are not only about gifts and dangerous amounts of food, but they are also about gathering with your loved ones and creating lasting memories together. It’s the time to take a moment from your busy schedule and enjoy a peaceful family time.

If you have taken it upon yourself to host the Christmas party this year, then you have the responsible task of making it an experience everyone will enjoy and cherish until the next year. There is quite a lot of planning and preparation involved in hosting a party so here at House Sales Direct, we have compiled a guide on how to do that effectively and additional tips and tricks which could help make this less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

Start Early

If you are new to hosting parties and because of the nature of the holiday season being overly busy, it might be worth starting the preparations earlier. Giving yourself enough time to organise everything and work out all the little details as well is essential if you want to host an unforgettable party. Between buying Christmas gifts and sorting out your holiday outfits, you may find yourself time pressured so begin early to give yourself a peace of mind.

Invite Guests

Normally people make plans very early in December and even before that so it’s vital that you send you invites as soon as possible. You want to make sure that everyone you want to attend your party is available and notifying them in advance will help you with that.

Pick a Theme

If you wish to be a little different and create some excitement around the party, it might be worth choosing a theme for it which would get the people more engaged in it. If they spend the time looking for the perfect outfit beforehand, that already has them much more involved in the party without it even happening yet. Bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything too specific and complicated. You could simply ask your guests to be dressed in a specific colour scheme or to be dressed in Christmas jumpers instead. What’s important is that you get the guests excited before the party has even taken place.

Plan the Menu

Many people don’t want to waste time cooking in the kitchen all day in preparation for a party but for others that is the best way to spend the time before Christmas. In either case, you must think about the menu first. What is the most convenient food to have? What are the essential dishes which Christmas cannot go without? Do people have any dietary requirements you have to accommodate? Once you have finalised the menu, you can decide what you will be cooking and what you will be outsourcing to a catering company for example. You should research the recipes in advance as well so that you are prepared for those dishes which require a slow cooking method.

Now that you have all the food sorted, you should do the same with the drinks. Some of the questions which are worth asking yourself are whether you are providing all the beverages or if everyone is bringing their own. Whatever you choose is best for your party, make sure you have communicated with the guests and are aware of their beverage preferences so that you don’t go out of stock on any essentials. There’s nothing worse than running out of drinks and having to find a shop that’s open.

Pro Tip:

When it comes to hosting the best parties, you should always overestimate everything. Whether that is drinks, food or dinnerware. People not being able to find a spare glass, fork or plate is the worst feeling. You could end up going to the shop for additional drinks and snacks, but you cannot go and buy silverware like that so make sure you have plenty of everything before the party.

Decorate the Place

While there is a high chance that you already have all your Christmas decorations up, it’s always worth sprucing up the place a bit and adding soft touches and new décor to it. Keeping the space cozy for a Christmas party could be a good decision as it is the time to snuggle up and while some may want to drink more, others may just want to have a hot chocolate with warm fuzzy socks by the fireplace. Having said that, it’s vital that you know your crowd and decorate the place accordingly.

Create a Playlist

Is it really a Christmas party without the famous hits playing quietly while you are enjoying your warm meal? Not only can you set the mood with your décor, but music also plays an important part in ensuring everyone is feeling the Christmas vibes. It would be good to try and create a curated list of songs, some of which could be played during the meal and the others after and before. Soft songs without many lyrics could be good during the meal while the more upbeat ones can be left for prior and the after party. Make sure that people have the chance to request and play any songs they wish but be carefulabout giving full control – you don’t want three songs playing on repeat.

Pro Tip:

Create enough space for coats and shoes! If you have a lot of people coming over, there is nothing worse than having a pile of coats in your bedroom and loads of shoes stacked at the entrance, making it difficult for everyone when they are both arriving and leaving.

Give Mementos

If you want your party to be truly unforgettable, then mementos are the way to end the party. You want to give out something which will remind guests of the amazing time they had this Christmas and what’s good is that everyone loves mementos! You cannot go wrong with it so get creative and prepare something little to remember your party by.

Hosting a Christmas party is not an easy job but with the right techniques and the advance preparations, you will be able to create a memorable experience for yourself and everyone else involved.

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