Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Underlines a Few Useful Gadgets for Preparing Eggs

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Eggs are absolutely delicious to taste, no matter whether one has them scrambled, hard-boiled or poached, especially when one cooks fresh eggs from renowned companies like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania. Cooking eggs to perfection can however be tricky, not to mention messy. Hence, to make cooking eggs simpler and hassle-free, one should consider using certain gadgets and tools.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania marks some of the best gadgets available in the market for preparing eggs

No matter whether one is making a quick omelet for dinner or whipping up hard boiled eggs for an Easter brunch, there are many gadgets available in the market that can make cooking eggs extremely simple. Here are a few of them:

  • Color-changing egg timer: One has to simply throw this innovative boiled egg timer in the pan with their eggs, and watch its color change to show that the eggs are done. These timers typically come with easy-to-read markers to indicate when eggs are soft, medium or hard-boiled.
  • Electric egg boiler: Making breakfast eggs for the whole family can become fuss-free with the use of a six egg cooker or boiler. Many of them even come with keep-warm functions. One has to fill the base of the boiler with water by using the measuring jug provided, press the button and the gadget will beep when it is ready. One can select the setting as per the eggs they want, medium, soft or hard.
  • Omelette maker: Making omelettes becomes easy with this gadget. It even doubles up as a fried or scrambled egg maker. It has non-stick cooking plates, and hence is super easy to clean.
  • Soft boiled egg opener: A lot of people love the taste of soft boiled eggs, but does not like to open the egg with their hands as it can become pretty messy. This gadget is perfect for such individuals. They just have to pop it over the egg, pull up the ball gently, and the egg will open perfectly. This tool can also be used to remove the shell of soft boiled eggs.
  • Egg Poacher: Hosting amazing brunches at home would become quite hassle-free if one buys an egg poacher. Many models of this gadget help serve restaurant quality poached eggs at home, thereby impressing all the eggs. One just has to submerge the basket of the poacher into a pan of boiling water, gently crack in an egg and just let it sit. The metal insert inside the basket will swirl the water around the egg for a poach that only takes 4-5 minutes to get done. These poached eggs would be perfect for delightful eggs Benedict.
  • Boiled egg cup holder: After making the ideal boiled egg, one would need the perfect egg cup to hold it. Today there are non-slip egg holders available that act as the perfect egg cushion.

The items mentioned above are just a few among the long list of egg gadgets available in the market today. As people these days use new innovations and gadgets in almost every aspect of life, cooking should not be any different. Buying fresh eggs from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, and using the assistance of the gadgets listed above would be a smart move for contemporary busy individuals who don’t have too much time to spend on cooking and cleaning every day.

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