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Education is no longer confined to learning in a traditional classroom. We are currently experiencing a huge rise in digital certifications: virtual “badges” indicating an individual’s understanding of a subject. These certifications can be obtained by anyone, anywhere. Currently following the cycle of digital communication at the University of Geneva, it is common for teachers of certain modules to ask us to pass a particular certification online to validate our knowledge of a particular subject.

What exactly are digital certifications?

In short, digital certifications are obtained by following an e-learning program (and sometimes by paying support fees). These certifications indicate significant professional expertise in a certain field. In almost all cases, these programs consist of using e-learning modules and do not require any form of actual presence in a class or other classroom training in particular.

Digital certifications are gaining more and more weight with employers. HR managers often consider candidates with the relevant qualifications both competent in the field and ready to renew their professional skills outside of formal education.

These certifications are available for a wide variety of topics and platforms. Hootsuite, HubSpot, and the Google suite are among the areas in which employees can earn certification. Microsoft Office and Facebook for Journalists also offer certification programs.

Digital certification courses are often provided by the platforms themselves (Google offers for example a Google Analytics certification), while a multitude of third-party online training providers, such as Coursera, and Udemy, offer certification courses covering a wide range of topics. LinkedIn has even created a direct integration feature for many of these digital education companies, allowing job seekers to add their newly acquired certification to their LinkedIn profile as soon as they complete a successful degree program. .

HubSpot Digital Certification

From CHF 200.- per month, HubSpot is a widely used platform for customer relationship management. HubSpot Academy offers a number of courses on topics related to marketing and sales. Many of them are available for free for everyone, while others are reserved for paying HubSpot subscribers.

These courses are not specifically focused on the HubSpot platform. Instead, they offer valuable content in the areas of search engine optimization (SEO), conversion and report analysis, landing pages, lead search, blogging and more. of the basic marketing strategy. HubSpot certifications are valid for two years, a form of insurance against learners based on obsolete references to obsolete technology

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