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All professionals have once been a beginner and thus, it is never late to start anything new, whether it be writing content on other blogs or your website. However, it might seem a little daunting task to get a high number of visitors to your site while you are new to it. But there are always some baby steps you need to take before you start running. You can either opt for cheap SEO services or follow our tips on how to make your website rank higher using Search Engine Optimization.


Proper research work is the foundation for successful user content. You have to provide content that will be useful for the users so that they can connect to it and return to it in the future. There are certain things to keep in mind when creating content for your customers. These include targeting the right keywords, article length, and genre and addressing the commonly asked questions on the internet. For all this research work, you can take the help of the SEMrush tool which will aid your research work and suggest you proper keyword suggestions.

You can search for articles on Google search by putting in your targeted keywords. This will help you in your research work as you will able to understand the different kinds of articles that are currently ranking higher in the search results. You can then plan your keywords accordingly or take help from cheap SEO services.

Ideal article length

Using the SEMrush, you can find the ideal number of words that will result in your website ranking on top of search results. This tool will give a target keyword. When you fulfill this target, there are high chances that your article will be SEO optimized. SEMrush will give you a list of the top results for your targeted keyword. Using this result, you will have to create a content outline that will help your content reach a larger audience.

Search the People also ask section

For every target keyword, you type in Google search, there will be a People ask Section below which have some of the commonly asked questions and answers related to it. Among these, choose the questions which you think are perfect for your content and try to answer them in your content. When you click on any questions, there will be similar questions popping out of it. This is a smart way of creating SEO optimized content which will help the people looking for the answers to such questions.


Proper implementation of these tips will surely give you a head start on your journey of making it to the top of the search results. These techniques are also used by many cheap SEO services for research work.

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