10 Hidden Enemies Of The Heart You Should Know About

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Since 1999, World Heart Day has been celebrated every last Sunday in September with the support of UNESCO and WHO. But in 2011, it was decided to fix a specific date for a holiday – September 29th. In honor of it, in more than a hundred countries around the world, events are held to draw the attention of the world’s population to the problem of cardiovascular diseases.

More than 16-17 million people die every year around the world because of heart diseases; thus, it is something that needs special attention. In this article, we will highlight the hidden dangers and bad habits that can worsen heart health.

Bad Habits That Are Dangerous For Heart’s Health

Here is the list of habits you need to avoid to ensure good heart health.

1. Insufficient Dental Care

According to statistics, people with dental problems are more likely to suffer from diseases of the circulatory system. The exact reasons have not yet been established. But some experts believe that with poor oral hygiene, bacteria enter the bloodstream through wounds in the gums and teeth.

 It leads to inflammation of the blood vessels and impairing the functioning of the main motor of the human body. You should not delay going to the dental clinic if the gums are very red, swelling, and bleeding. After brushing your teeth, it is also useful to use special dental floss.

2. Non-Compliance With Sleep Patterns

Working at night or irregular work hours increases the risk of developing a heart attack, according to research by Canadian scientists. Shift work activity badly affects the internal clock of the body, and this also affects the heart. Those who work on night shifts or on irregular schedules should take additional steps to reduce the risk of illness.

Poor sleep (less than or more than 7-9 hours) can provoke obesity, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, and diabetes, which complicate the work of the circulatory system. Sleep is especially important for youngsters. They should be weaned from the habit of watching TV late or sitting up with gadgets.

3. Alcohol And Smoking Against The Heart

Perhaps these bad habits are one of the most common causes of cardiovascular problems. But moderate amounts of quality alcohol (like red wine) can be good for your heart. And excess alcohol consumption leads to high blood pressure, blood fat levels, and heart failure. But tobacco smoking is harmful to the body in any quantity, so be careful of it.

Those who have an addiction to alcohol should really consider getting help from specialists to get rid of this problem. This is because alcoholics are at higher risk of getting a heart attack. Do not worry about the treatment expenses as you can get help from various health insurances. Like many other insurance plans, Aetna insurance covers drug rehab expenses and assists you in becoming sober. Without wasting further time, you should contact them to get more details.

4. Getting Angry All The Time

Experts note that the level of aggression in society has grown significantly. People experience feelings of anger and anger towards each other and the reality around them more often. These emotions negatively affect not only the state of the nervous system but also the health of blood vessels, blood flow, and the heart itself.

It is advisable to avoid stressful situations and learn how to control feelings of anger. It is helpful to practice meditation, yoga, and deep breathing. You need to surround yourself with positive people who can easily cheer you up and calm you down. Frequent outbursts of anger and aggression weaken the heart, making it vulnerable to disease.

5. Ignoring Snoring And Breathing Problems

If a person has regular snoring or difficulty breathing during sleep, this can adversely affect the function of the heart muscle. Snoring and difficulty with the respiratory system cause apnea. This disorder is often associated with hypertension, irregular heartbeat, tachycardia, and stroke. Proper treatment of snoring and normalization of breathing will improve sleep quality and reduce the risk of circulatory disorders.

6. Improper Nutrition

Being overweight makes breathing difficult, compromises hormonal balance, and raises blood pressure, which in turn damages blood vessel health and increases the concentration of bad cholesterol. If a woman’s waist is more than 76-77 cm, and a man’s waist is more than 100 cm, then they should consult a nutritionist about a balanced diet and exercise plan.

There are many ways to get rid of those extra pounds without harming the body. But it is important to do this gradually as drastic weight loss can weaken the body and make it vulnerable to various diseases.

7. Not Getting Treatment For Hepatitis C

Having this liver infection in a person increases the chances of getting low cholesterol and low blood pressure. But at the same time, the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders remains high. Researchers believe that hepatitis C causes inflammation of cells and tissues in the body, including the heart. In addition to treating hepatitis, it is necessary to regularly visit a cardiologist, not ignoring dangerous symptoms.

8. Skipping A Course Of Blood Pressure Medications

If a patient has hypertension, the doctor prescribes a course of certain medications for him. This, as a rule, need to be taken continuously for a long time, but few people like to do this. However, you should know that high blood pressure is a silent killer. It can quietly, without any noticeable symptoms, lead to a heart attack, stroke, etc. That is why you cannot skip the course of the therapy prescribed by the doctor.

9. Sedentary Lifestyle

Modern people spend more and more time in front of computer monitors or televisions. Prolonged sitting has a negative effect on the functions of the heart and other organs of the body. Experts say that every hour of sitting still increases your risk of heart disease by 20%. Periodically, you need to take active breaks: get up, stretch your body, or take a short walk. Lack of movement also increases blood sugar and body fat.

10. Excessive Physical Activity

Exercising regularly is good for your health. However, this does not mean that you need to work out for wear as excessive physical activity often causes stroke and heart attack. You need to start with simple exercises (for example, walking, light running) and gradually move on to more complex ones. If a person has a weakened heart, then before starting sports, he should definitely talk to his doctor and choose the right load.

Now you know what hidden enemies of your heart’s health are, avoid them so you can have a healthy heart and live longer.

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